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Melody Mystic Joy

Hi there!

I’m Melody Joy, a modern day mystic and wild woman. I love all things metaphysical, with certifications as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist. I use Astrology, Intuitive abilities and ancient gifts of healing to assist and activate others into the highest version of themselves. I’m here at this time to birth a new reality into being, and if you are reading this, you are too!


My path has been one of bridging the mind and body connection back together after an early life of trauma, addiction, depression and core wounds related to separation and abandonment. Over decades I have explored the depths of my own shadow and sense of limit and lack which led me to something I never thought was possible. I have found a limitless access to freedom, pleasure and prosperity. As I have opened this great river within, my life has been a wellspring of shift and transformation in powerful ways. It is my greatest pleasure to help others create dynamic change with a huge heart and a fiercely grounded ability to cut through the bullshit so that you can find personal peace, power and the unique gifts that you came to this life to activate and use.  


  Working with Melody has been such a gift. Whenever I meet with Melody I truly feel like I am in the presence of an intuitive, mystical..a healer. She is so authentic and the clarity she brings forth - clarity around my unfolding journey- has propelled me forward to discovering my gifts and the direction in which to shine my inner light. Melodys astrological sharing has shown me that there is an unseen order to things and that in itself has given me direction, allowed me to hold space for things to unfold as they should. To be pulled rather then to continue to push- and this has been amazing. The way Melody's stands in her power is in itself empowering to others and this calls forth the desire to stand in my truth & to live my life's purpose. When I need clarity her energetic work has guided me through the dense forest and into a clear sky that beacons me to trust and fall into myself, over and over again.
It has been through working with Melody that I have truly stepped into my power and as a result I have been able to manifest my true desires and make the changes in my life to come into alignment with my authentic path. It has brought me such clarity.

Mary Streeter

 Burlington, VT

I can’t tell you how helpful our session was. The clarity I’ve been receiving and without the emotional attachment to the loss has been unbelievable. I’m actually sad for my old self for not seeing it sooner. The energy clearing is allowing me to see the truth.

Cameron Smith

 Maui, HI


Melody has a vast amount of knowledge, insight, and connection which she has shared with passionate enthusiasm during one on one readings and group sessions that have beautifully aligned with my path to a more free, aware, and beautiful existence. One significant part that I have enjoyed while working with Melody is how she encourages the sessions to be dynamic conversations between all participants, supporting the opportunity for me to reflect openly on her message in a way that helps me to process the information and grow with it. 

Maura McQuade

Burlington, VT

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