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Power, Magic and Manifestation

AstroloTea @ Spirit Dancer Vermont
Melody Joy

Join us Thursday,October 20th for an evening of Astrology, Tea and a personal exploration for one of the most significant transits of 2022.

The workshop is from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at
Spirit Dancer 180 Flynn Avenue, Burlington, Vermont


Ignite your passion, purpose and power with planet Mars

In this workshop you will receive:

* Specific dates outlining the energetic themes of 2022 and beyond. 

* Guidance on how to use the planetary magic of Mars in Gemini over the next 

   five months.

* A powerful group throat chakra clearing exercise.

* An ancient Tibetan practice for manifestation.

* Clarification of possible pitfalls and struggles that can come up for this five

   month transit.

* Juicy spiritual, astrological tips and insights for some of the other astrological

    themes making place over the next year.

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