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Returning to Love


WE are the indestructable TRUTH of source, the ecstatic dance of Divine Feminine Creation.


I am a Spiritual Activator, an Intuitive Astrologer and Shaman. I have years of experience in both the Metaphysical and Medical fields.With a history of trauma, addiction, deep wounds of seperation and abandonment, this was not always my outlook on life...

Through a journey of many years, I have explored  the depths of my own shadow and sense of limit and lack to access something I never thought was possible. I have found an access to prosperity through deep pleasure and living fully. As I have accessed this great river within, my life has been a wellspring of shift and transformation in powerful ways.


There is no doubt we are awakening, evolving, growing, expanding and ascending. Spirituality has been something on the periphery of daily life and NOW it is truly becoming a necessity if we are going to expand and flow with the massive energetic changes taking place. I have spent the last fifteen years of my life doing deep inner work and exploring the multiple ways to activate, clear and move out of limits. The resource of knowledge I hold is to help you….


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Melody Mystic Joy

Vermont and Hawaii

Offering complimentary, alternative healing services