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Archetype of Lilith

Our current reality is moving beyond the limitations of just our humaness into an evolution that integrates our spiritual nature more coherently into our cellular anatomy.

Lilith is a story of us all in one way or another, regardless of gender. Her story is one of abandonment, betrayal, darkness, untamed feminine power, and unapologetic creativity. When we do not honor her, her energy becomes suppressed within us, only to express later in some way such as passive aggressive behavior, or direct confrontational aggressive behavior. This energy can also express in the form of self-sabotage, inauthentic thoughts and actions and depression. This depressed manifestation of Lilith is her repressed expression, or socialized way of being. It is the “Eve” archetype of people pleasing, obedience and trying to receive love and attention from the outside rather than within. Lilith invites us to feel into any places where we have felt rejected and abandoned and liberate ourselves victimhood or martyrdom.

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