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About Me

Hi there!


I’m so glad that you are here. I am Melody Joy, a modern-day mystic and wild woman. I have always been fascinated by the intersection of anatomy and spirit, working at the fulcrum of Eastern and Western medicine for over fifteen years. As a transformational coach and energy healer, I share practices that are a fusion of practical anatomy and energy healing with the sacred aspects of yoga and tantra, to help cultivate an embodied way of living divinely.


I am an intuitive, possessing natural empathic and psychic gifts that I use in my work to help see and liberate what may be hidden at unconscious levels within your mind, body and spirit. My greatest passion is working with women who are ready to deconstruct the limitations that are holding them back from fully embodying their power, purpose and potential. 



Grainy Surface

My focus is on assisting and supporting women who are:

* Eager to transform their lives, embracing greater power, flow, and prosperity.

* Ready to shed old conditionings and patterns that have held them back from aligning with the life they desire.

* Interested in cultivating a spiritually grounded life.

* In need of guidance during a time of transition.

* Tired of being consumed by fear, anxiety, or uncertainty.

*Seeking someone who listens deeply and provides divine intuitive feedback.

* Ready to tap into their hidden wellspring of creativity.


Client Love

"Melody is an absolute gift! From her workshops and courses to her 1:1 sessions, she freely shares her expertise and radiant energy while holding space for others. I highly recommend her to anyone who is on a healing journey or interested in exploring a deeper connection to self." 

Julia Atherton

Burlington, VT


"Melody is a wonderful leader and catalyst in cultivating a safe environment for others to learn and unravel and reveal their truths. I felt heard and supported by Melody on several cellular levels. She allows space and time for the shadow parts of the self to arise, and holds them so delicately." 

Nikki Robinson

Hilo, HI


"I wanted to just drop a note to you because you mentioned things with my new career path that would really take off starting in March of 2022, and I am planning to quit my job at the end of March. I feel like that session really prompted me to take action in getting certified in hypnotherapy and pushing me into a much more soul-fulfilling path, that I am so excited about."

Adrianna Carlisimo


  "Working with Melody has been such a gift. Whenever I meet with Melody I truly feel like I am in the presence of an intuitive, mystical..a healer. She is so authentic and the clarity she brings forth - clarity around my unfolding journey- has propelled me forward to discovering my gifts and the direction in which to shine my inner light. 
It has been through working with Melody that I have truly stepped into my power and as a result I have been able to manifest my true desires and make the changes in my life to come into alignment with my authentic path. It has brought me such clarity."

Mary Streeter

 Burlington, VT


I can’t tell you how helpful our session was. The clarity I’ve been receiving and without the emotional attachment to the loss has been unbelievable. I’m actually sad for my old self for not seeing it sooner. The energy clearing is allowing me to see the truth.

Cameron Smith

 Maui, HI

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