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Heal Trauma. Reclaim Your Holy Pleasure. Find Your Purpose. 


Shaktified, The Seven Sacred Keys to Heal and Awaken Your Feminine Power is the journey of personal transformation and a beacon for anyone seeking to reclaim their spiritual vitality and embrace their full human potential as the revolutionary path forward at a time of profound global shift and change.

This book can and will alter the discourse of many pathways taken. It is a process of perfection through the imperfection as navigated by means of having the heart opened. I have had the honor and purest pleasure of meeting Melody in a sacred space for healing. The author is the real deal and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Chrisitine Clark, spiritual mentor and author of Heart and Soul: Living a Love-Filled, Spirit-Guided, Consciously-Created Life

In this revolutionary guide discover:

* The seven key principles to unlock your full human potential

* How to use the archetypal forces of the Goddess for healing

* How to use the elements for transformation 

* A radical path to embodied holiness

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"The seven-fold journey of Shakti is a path to wholeness through the power of love. When you awaken to your authentic desire to know the truth of who you are, you become Shaktified. To become Shaktified means living at the broadest bandwidth of your energetic, erotic physical potential. It is the juicy journey of being spiritually turned on, somatically resurrected, and socially reconnected. To live Shaktified shatters the persistent perception or myth that our physical nature is separate from our divine nature."

Shaktified: The Seven Sacred Keys to Heal and Awaken Your Feminine Power

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