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Discover the power of Black Moon Lilith in your astrological birth chart.

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Healing the heart of the WILD Feminine

Goddess Lilith, in the astrological birth chart represents our hidden feminine power, creativity, sexuality and inner bad ass, WHEN we liberate her and tap into her vitality and force. She shows us where our ancient inner wisdom and fire resides. When her energy is stifled, she can show up in our lives as shame, guilt, sexual disfunction, toxic anger, relationship turmoil and self sabotage. She breaks the societal repressive narrative that we need to be "good girls" and "good  boys."  She is the archetype of the Amazonian Warrior and historically represents how feminine energy has been demonized and repressed via the patriarchy throughout time. Mythologically, Lilith is known as Innana, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Freya and Persephone. She is connected to the animal totems of snakes, owls and lions, representing her wisdom, courageous heart and transformative power.


This is the time to liberate and integrate the RAW POWER and potential of Lilith back into our lives and our communities. Are you ready to awaken to the fiercest, most creative embodiment of your potential? Are you willing to release long held blocks that prevent you from receiving your highest form of pleasure and intimacy with the vitality of life itself?

 Untamed is a liberation of the soul. It is a path to freedom from limiting thought patterns, behaviors and programming that run on auto-pilot beneath the surface of the conscious mind.During this five week exploration of how to find and unlock the awakening potential of Black Moon Lilith in your birth chart, you will be initiated into your Cosmic Blue print. You will journey in a safe, sacred circle, where you are held, acknowledged and heard. It will be a divine container where you can speak your truth, access and liberate the divine feminine creative force in YOU, so that, you can be more effective, authentic and creative in your life. Her story is one of repression and outcast. By using the ancient wisdom of astrology, you will receive insight into what unconscious patterns and beliefs can be revealed by Lilith, how to integrate her wisdom and use the gift of her light in your life. We will explore her mythology, YOUR  own personal Lilith myth and create space to access the UNTAMED, wild creative force to set your life ablaze in its healing fire. 


  • STARTING, NOVEMBER 2021, Tuesdays via ZOOM at 6:15-8:15pm EST. 

  • Unlock the specific placement of Black Moon Lilith in your natal chart!

  • Activate your core power and deconstruct limiting beliefs and wounds.

  • Receive weekly intuitive astrological guidance and practical magic that assists you to connect more deeply to the hidden vitality and creativity within. 

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