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This is a seven-week in-person somatic immersion where you will journey with a small group, exploring the seven energy centers, or Chakras. 

You will RECEIVE: 
- Intimate, open community held in a safe and sacred container beginning Sunday, September, 10th for seven subsequent Sundays. 
- Yoga practice, somatic exploration, tantric theory. 

- Creative writing/journaling practices exploring the dimensions of the Chakras and discussion. 
- Prana, breath work practices to activate and connect with the subtle energetic body.



You are responsible for the well-being and care of your body and person during the Awakening Shakti Immersion. Melody Joy Johnson RYT, is not responsible for any bodily injury during the immersion. By purchasing this training, you agree to these terms. Once the immersion has begun on September the 10 th, 2023, there will be no refunds. 


Awakening Shakti Chakra Immersion

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