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Soul Astrology


 First Breath

The natal chart is the astrological origin of YOU. It captures in time, through planetary display, your initial first breath. It is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment that your being infused with Prana or life force. An Astrological Chart  is a momentary map of the cosmos  at the time and place of your birth. The natal chart is a living being, an entity that intimately interacts, matures and evolves through the cycle of life, YOUR LIFE. 

The sparkling light of the stars in the night sky and the constantly changing light of the moon have enchanted me since childhood. I believe that we are the stars on some fundamental level. We move together through various cycles in a kind of cosmic rhythmic play and dance. To look at an astrological chart for me is to see a sacred message written in an ancient language by the map of the sky the moment that you were born.


Astrology can give us access to insight about how to live more vibrantly, how to see the meaning in life circumstances and reveal the evolution of the soul in order to shift consciousness at a profound level. The movement of planets can help clarify the best time to conceive a baby, change locations or make a career move. Ultimately, it is your individual Free Will that navigates these shifts and changes and for that reason I listen to your true voice and soul when I do your reading. Astrology acts as a bridge, helping us connect our earthly journey with our spiritual one and revealing you as the sovereign designer of your unique and precious life.
I use natural psychic, intuitive and clairsentient gifts, coupled with astrological chart analysis in my readings to shed a unique light into your souls journey, of which, of course you are the director and sovereign designer. There is no doubt you are here for a reason. I look forward to connecting!!

"The signs of the Zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver."

Edgar Cayce

Solar System
Natal Chart


Natal Chart, or Birth Chart Readings are done  using Western Tropical Astrology and intuitive insight. One hour.

Solar System
Natal Chart with Transits


This reading is a condensed astrological reading combining current planetary effects on your natal chart. One hour.

Solar System
Single Question


If you would like to clarify one aspect of your life more deeply, this is the perfect reading. One hour.

Client Love

"Melody is an absolute gift! From her workshops and courses to her 1:1 sessions, she freely shares her expertise and radiant energy while holding space for others. I highly recommend her to anyone who is on a healing journey or interested in exploring a deeper connection to self." 

Julia Atherton

"Melody is a wonderful leader and catalyst in cultivating a safe environment for others to learn and unravel and reveal their truths. I felt heard and supported by Melody on several cellular levels. She allows space and time for the shadow parts of the self to arise, and holds them so delicately." 

Nikki Robinson

"I wanted to just drop a note to you because you mentioned things with my new career path that would really take off starting in March of 2022, and I am planning to quit my job at the end of March. I feel like that session really prompted me to take action in getting certified in hypnotherapy and pushing me into a much more soul-fulfilling path, that I am so excited about."

Adrianna Carlisimo

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