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Ancient Architecture

For Social Justice

Sacred Wealth

21 day reset
from scarcity to prosperity

 Starts July 18 

Are you ready to connect more deeply to a life that is more juicy, in more soul alignment, with more time and flexibility and less debt and financial worry?


Are you ready to find liberation from limiting belief patterns that you have received from family, society and systems of scarcity thinking?

That's exactly what Sacred Wealth for Social Justice will do.

You are worthy of receiving the deepest desire of your SOUL. You are worthy of aligning with your true power, power that not only liberates you, but helps to liberate others. 

Wealth and prosperity are the essence of your nature. Your nature is both unique and precious, although capitalistic structures would have you believe otherwise. Hierarchacal systems of oppression work by feeding off your fear and conditioning of lack, rather than living in the SOUL ALIGNED version of you.


In order to access greater abundance and align with you AS the universe, it's important to have guidance and  support, especially when fear and doubt surface as you shift your reality to meet the magic of your being. Sacred Wealth is a 21 day Temple of goodness that will give you the exact resources and structure for you to embody the new vision you have for yourself, whether that is more money, more time, better relationships or more creativity.  

are you ready to access the infinite power of your unique sacred prosperity blueprint?

"I believe every moment of every day should be a pleasurable experience. If it is not, then it is time to question what is happening and why you decide to endure it."
- Ingrid LaFleur
Pleasure Activism

It is my mission to assist others who wish to awaken and tap into the limitless potential within themselves. Now I travel all over the world, play in sacred sites, swim with whales and keep it real enough to know that Social Justice work is an essential part of prosperity and collective healing. The path of the Bodhisattva is that I'm not free until ALL are free. As a Pleasure Activist and Goddess of Liberation, I invite you for 21 days to see what kind of revolution can happen for you to give you access to your unique Sacred Wealth. 

I spent the first half of my life wondering what my life purpose was and how could I connect to a way of living that was centered in the heart and also full of prosperity, passion and joy. I didn't realize that I was trapped in a system that systematically repressed certain populations and that, I was one of them. As a woman of color and early programming that said "money is the root of all evil," I had the proverbial cards stacked against me!


When I started listening to the quiet voice of my own soul, my life started to transform in miraculous ways. Synchronicities started happening where I would serendipitously meet someone or hear something that lead me to exact place I needed to be. Over the past decade I began having "magical" types of experiences and my body's energy centers, the chakras woke up and I received gifts of intuition, healing abilities and connection to space where worlds are born from. 


For 21 Days you will receive

  •  Five LIVE ZOOM group sessions.

  •  Specific techniques to clarify your specific blocks to receiving.

  •  Ancient Sufi mystery teachings that change your reality instantly.

  •   Instructions on how to upgrade your havingness level and how to    sustain it.

  •  How to use Pleasure Activism for Social Justice. 

  •  Somatic exercises that assist you in embodying the changes you   make in prosperity.  

  •  Guided meditations for manifestation.

  •  Daily emails to help you stay aligned in the portal of prosperity.

Sacred Prosperity is money, but it is more than dollar amounts. It is about freedom, awakening and revolutionizing your life, rather than just hitting some arbitrary dollar amount, although we will do that too. 

It's time to create a new paradigm. One that supports you completely, a paradigm that connects you to the most conscious comprehensive version of you and one that frees you from the golden handcuffs of capitalistic commercialized value systems.

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